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    The FBS raised floor box  allows a large
    variety of  power, data and audio - video
    connectors such as standard duplex
    receptacles, decorator style inserts,
    keystone style jacks as well as our
    exclusive Fit-IN system, which accepts up
    to 12 modules in only one box.
Raised access floor boxes
FBS floor boxes
Floor Box
The lid can  be  rotated  for easy  outgoing  cables orientation. Two cable guards
protect cables and reduce risk of damage to all incoming and outgoing cables.  
A recessed space - 7/16" - allows to insert a piece of floor covering material providing
a smooth, seamless look.  The low profile box - 3 5/16" depth- is the ideal solution for
raised floor applications.

The PMC47 floor boxes are suitable for use in raised floors, such as raised access
floor and wood structured floors.
One piece frame - Quick and easy
installation or removal.

Flexible design - Allows the user to
mount/remove modules with box

Material - Polyamide .  Meets UL94

Low profile beveled flange - Prevents
from bumping

Subtle flange - Hide edges of hard
surface flooring and prevents the
carpet from fraying.
Removable and reversible lid - Can
be rotated with no tools required.

Rectangular recess - Easier to cut
rectangular floor cover insert.

Steel reinforcement plate - 11 GA
Provides added strength and reliability.

Cable guards with rubber foam and
- Can be tilted when in use or
closed when not used.

Adjustable Depth - 3/16" (5 mm) for
carpet installation or the supplemental
spacers may be removed to increase
the depth to 7/16" (12 mm).
Galvanized steel housing - Provides
added strength and reliability

Ultra Low box - Easy installation in low
floors (3  5/16'' depth)

Locking tabs and screws - At all four
corners.  Quick and secure installation
to raised floor.

Grounding Screw

18 Knockout's
(3 per side + 6 at the
bottom) - 1/2'' and 3/4'' conduits
accessibility at all four sides
Floor Box Dimensions
Replace X for color code: Black= B Gray=G  Almond= A
(*) Max. - Cut-outs bigger than the specified may reduce the load capacity.
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