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The R4X floor box is the perfect solution for projects
requiring a large quantity of power outlets, data and AV
connectors in just one box. This box can be ordered
configured with six, seven or eight gang of capacity to fully  
comply with any project needs. The floor box and covers
are suitable for installation in raised floor and UL listed for
that application.
Floor box covers
The floor box can be configured to accept six, seven or eight gang of capacity.

  • The six gang configuration accepts (1) two gang wallplate and (1) one gang wallplate per side.
  • The seven gang configuration accepts (1) two gang and (1) one gang wallplate on the first side and (1) four gang wallplate in the  
    other side.
  • The eight gang configuration accepts  (1)  four gang wallplate per side.
Installation Instructions
Catalog sheets
Supporting documents.
Faceplates for the R4X Floor Box
The R4X is supplied as a kit which includes the floor box and the cover. The Kit number or part number (for the kit) is assigned based
on the number of gang required and the cover selected for your project. See "Ordering information" below for details.   
Floor Box: Six gang to eight gang

R4X Floor box

3/16" (4mm)
  • Locking clips - Quick and secure
    installation to different floor thicknesses
  • Easy to install. Suitable for stages,
    wood floos and raised floors.
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  • UL Listed floor box and covers
The floor box cover also features two cable guards that
protect and reduce risk of damage to all incoming and
outgoing cables.
Removable barriers (supplied) permit access to adjacent
compartments and 1" Knockouts at all four sides facilitate
the wiring related jobs.
The floor box covers are available in brass and stainless
steel with provision of a recessed surface for the floor
covering material. The recessed space is 7/16”  (12 mm)
deep to accept  the installation of carpet, terrazzo, tile etc.
An unobtrusive handle facilitate access to
box services allowing the user to retract it
when not in use.