Black steel solid floor box cover
Solid stainless steel floor box cover
Flush finish stainless steel floor box cover
Stainless steel floor box cover
Stainless steel cover, flat surface
Black Floor Box cover
Brass cover floor box - flush finish
Brass floor box cover w/beveled edge

Slab on grade floor box for concrete floor

C2X Concrete Floor Boxes
Concrete floor boxes (Two gang & up to six gang).
The C2X concrete floor boxes provide a versatile solution for
multiple outlets into a functional, aesthetic and cost-effective
box for concrete applications.
The low profile box, 3 5/16” (84 mm) , configured with multiple
faceplates and our exclusive  Fit-IN modular system provides
a smart choice optimizing the box capacity.
Box covers are made out of steel (coated), brass or
stainless steel with several options such as the edges,
beveled or straight, and the top surface, flat or recessed.
The recessed surface is 7/16” (12 mm) to permit  the
installation of carpet, terrazzo, tile etc. The cover also
features two retractable handles which facilitate the access
to box services while two cable guards (exits) protect
outgoing cables.
The floor boxes are suitable for installation in slab on grade
and concrete floors interior dry locations only, where the
accumulation of scrub  water is unlikely to occur.
Steel concrete floor box
  • Solid cover Material: Stainless steel,
    brass and black painted steel

  • Cable guards & retractable handle
    Can be tilted when in use or closed
    when not used.

  • Straight edges - For wood, tile etc

  • Subtle beveled flange - Hide edges of
    hard surface flooring and prevents  the
    carpet from fraying.
  • Built in Tunnel - Easy to wire to/from
    opposite side

  • 16 Knockouts (8 per compartment)  for
    up to 1"  conduits.

  • Manufactured in compliance with the
    UL514A standard

  • Removable barriers separate circuits
  • Galvanized steel housing - 16 GA
    Powder coated galvanized steel housing
    Provides added strength and reliability

  • Non-Painted knockouts area assures
    proper bonding and facilitates the  
  installation process.

  • Shallow box - Easy installation in
    concrete floors (3  5/16'' depth).
C2X box +  stainless steel cover
(Beveled edges & recessed top)
C2X box + stainless steel cover.
(Straight edges and recessed top)
C2X box + stainless steel cover.
(Beveled edges and flat solid surface)
C2X box + flat
SS cover.
Square edges & flat solid surface)
C2X steel box with brass cover.
Brass cover has beveled edges
and recessed top.
C2X Steel box with brass cover.
Brass cover has straight edges and
recessed top.
C2X Steel box with black cover.
Steel cover has beveled edges and
recessed top.
Steel box with
black cover.
Cover has flat surface and beveled
Select the Part number from the following chart. Kits include box, cover and temporary construction cover.
Faceplates and devices sold separately.
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Ordering information
C2X Floor Box covers
Installation Instructions
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Support documents.
The C2X floor boxes are supplied as a kit which includes the floor box, cover and a temporary construction cover. The Kit number or
part number (for the kit) is assigned depending on the cover selected. See ordering information below for details.   
C2X Concrete floor boxes
  • Removable levelling bars for
    retrofit applications
Frame - Flange - Lid
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Straight / Square edges - 3/16" ADA compliance